Q: How are classes held?

A: Online classes are hosted online using an in-browser conferencing application, which requires only a small and free download. Students have an audio/video feed of the tutor and are able to interact with him and with each other via chat box and audio (with tutor’s permission). Entering class is easy; students will be provided a link which leads them directly to the conference room.

Q: Are the classes recorded?

A: Yes. Each online session is live and is recorded. The recordings are made available to students so that they can review and improve their notes, or catch up after an absence.

Q: What are the computer and software requirements for your classes?

A: Any up-to-date computer able to run Zoom, Adobe Connect, or similar software.

Q: What is your grading practice?

A: We do not grade individual assignments or course work. However, we will issue a cumulative grade (A-F, 10-point scale) at the end of the class if requested.

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