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Classical Mathematics ONE

New for 2021 – we are offering Classical Math ONE as a live online course.

Classical Mathematics ONE bookcoverPrimary Sources

We’ve developed Classical Mathematics ONE to provide parents and students with a classical ad fontes alternative to modern geometry textbooks. The curriculum guides students through 5 books of Euclid’s Elements (I-III, V-VI). The vast majority of time is spent with Euclid, although two other texts are introduced to provide background, context, and perspective. The curriculum is organized and arranged to first disorient students away from their preconceptions regarding mathematics. Next, students are immersed in a beautiful world of numbers to allow them a sense of the aesthetics of math. After those preparatory experiences, students are introduced to Euclid and learn to follow and create proofs, perform complex constructions, and think critically about the nature of geometry. In short, students will learn to think like mathematicians rather than mere computers.

Student Journal

Classical Mathematics ONE, like a good teacher, is a guide to great texts; it does not presume to replace them. Thus, it intentionally lacks many of the helps that textbooks provide. It presents no pre-packaged formulas to memorize or step-by-step commentaries. Instead, it gives students a framework within which to make these great texts their own. Students are guided through the creation of a math journal. Students record their questions and observations in their journal, along with their efforts to solve problems. This way, students will gain mastery over the material by writing their own textbook filled with their own questions, solutions, and insights.

Teacher Guide (NEW!)

New to the 2020 revision is the Teacher Guide. This new text includes commentaries on daily lessons and readings, construction guides, and answers to the study questions and proof problems.

As of the last update (6 Sept 2021), the Teacher Guide covers the first 18 cycles (out of 31) of the student guidebook and all of the proof problems for the year. The Teacher Guide is available for free as a PDF download.

Teacher Guide Download Updated on 6 September 2021

Teacher Guide Update Schedule

Video Lessons

The curriculum includes unlimited access to weekly instructional videos. Each week has only 4 days of assignments to give time for the video lessons on the 5th day. The videos include lectures and detailed walk-throughs of the propositions and problems the students tackled during the week. The videos will also provide detailed solutions to the week’s exercises, thus eliminating the need for a teacher guide or answer key. Students will be able to grade and correct their own work at the end of each week as they watch.

The entire video sequence can be viewed here.

Video Sample

Required Texts (not included)

*Nicomachus’ work has been out of print for decades. There are PDF scans available for free on various archival webpages. You may also purchase our printed version of the relevant chapters when you buy our curriculum.


  • 31 Weeks of Lessons
  • Weekly video lessons to expound on the week’s assignments & provide detailed answers
  • Daily introductions provide important background and perspective
  • Daily reading assignments & exercises
  • Frequent study questions to encourage reflection & improve writing skills
  • Proof exercises for logic & creativity
  • Frequent geometric constructions
  • Only 4 days per week (5th day is reserved for video series and/or Socratic-style discussion meetings)
  • 4 Essay assignments
  • Exam booklet with 4 exams included (designed to be self-graded after being taken)
  • Easy to navigate layout
  • Student guidebook is spiral-bound to lay flat

If you have questions about any of the curriculum’s features, please feel free to email us at

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Reviews & Testimonials

  • “I’m excited about this course and highly recommend it to anyone seeking a manageable way to study and teach Euclid’s Elements either instead of, or alongside, modern geometry curricula.” – Kristi (See Kristi’s full review HERE.)
  • “I am a high school senior student who has taken your Classical Mathematics course as my last math curriculum. […] I thoroughly enjoyed your course, and I have been promoting it for high schoolers.” – Chloe


Classical Mathematics ONE: $59.99 + $8.00 shipping = $67.99

Classical Mathematics ONE & Nicomachus: $59.99 + $8.00 + $8.00 shipping = $75.99

We’ve worked hard to make our curriculum as affordable as possible. Similar geometry curricula (textbook + exams + videos) typically sell for over $150. Because we’re a small, ministry-minded operation, we’re happy to sell our curriculum for $59.99. That’s a $150+ value for less than $60.  Even after purchasing the required texts (Euclid, Nicomachus, Kline), the total cost should still be less than $100 (not including shipping costs).

Classical Mathematics ONE is also available as a live class!

Right now, we ship only within the continental United States. If you are interested having the curriculum shipped elsewhere, please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.

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