Q: How are classes held?

A: Online classes are hosted online using an in-browser conferencing application, which requires only a small and free download. Students have an audio/video feed of the tutor and are able to interact with him and with each other via chat box and audio (with tutor’s permission). Entering class is easy; students will be provided a link which leads them directly to the conference room.

Q: Are the classes recorded?

A: Yes. Each online session is live and is recorded. The recordings are made available to students so that they can review and improve their notes, or catch up after an absence.

Q: What are the computer and software requirements for your classes?

A: A complete list of the system requirements can be found on the Adobe Connect system requirements page here.


Q: How will students submit work and know to keep up with assignments?

A: After registering, students will receive access to the Polymath Moodle site (reached by the “Study” link at the bottom of this page) where they will be able to view individual assignments & due dates, upload & submit their work, and participate in discussion forums.

Q: What is your grading practice?

A: We grade using standard A-F letter grades. However, we do this out of necessity rather than by choice. We find that modern grading systems encourage bad behaviors in both teachers and students. Students are tempted to care more about passing tests than about genuinely mastering the material. Teachers are tempted to test students only on things which are easy to test and quantify and feel pressured to teach to the test. To avoid these pitfalls, we keep our classes small and personal. Furthermore, although we record grades, we do not publish them except at parental request or at the end of a course. Instead, we provide each student with thorough and frequent verbal feedback to let him how he is doing each step of the way. Our goal is for each student to master his subject, rather than earn an arbitrary number of points. We are, however, willing to accommodate grading requests.

Do you have a question which we haven’t answered here? Please email us your question at help@polymathclassical.com so that we can answer it. Please expect a reply within a couple days.