Historically-grounded tools for a better education

Since 2013, master teacher Daniel Maycock has provided uniquely ad-fontes classes and curricula to assist parents and educators in providing Classical Christian education.

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Years of Research and Experience

We have over 9 years of experience teaching classical subjects online. Years of research go into every class and curriculum. (That’s why it takes us so long to produce new courses!)


Deeper Comprehension

Our courses and tools are designed to guide students through original works. By reading the Great Books and Treatises for themselves, students gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the material and the inter-connected nature of true knowledge.


Classical Math One

31-week high school geometry curriculum

Diophantine Algebra

6-week high school algebra curriculum

Online Classes​

Summer 2024

Geometry: Introduction to Euclid / Euclid for Parents

Fall-Spring 2024-2025


Classical Math One a live tutorial providing additional guidance alongside the Classical Math One curriculum, now offered in partnership with Kepler.