Summer Courses

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Summer 2019

No classes have been announced for summer of 2019. The course descriptions listed below are provided as examples of our previous courses. If you would like to request a summer course for your home school group or co-op, please email me at for information.

GeometryArithmetic | Euclid for Parents | The Intellectual Life

Geometry: Introduction to Euclid

9-12 Grade :: Online Class :: Tutor – Daniel Maycock

During this 6-week seminar, we’ll take a close look at Book I of the Elements, in which Euclid lays out the foundation of his geometry. Book I lays out the fundamentals of high school geometry and covers 1) principles of proof, 2) constructions, 3) theorems, 4) triangles, 5) parallelism, 6) parallelograms, and 7) squares. We reach the climax of Book I during our last class, when we examine Euclid’s proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

This workshop is a great introduction to geometry and deductive logic and has no mathematical prerequisites. You may also consider counting this workshop as an addition to your students regular math for an Honors designation. Suggested weight: 1/4 credit.

“Geometry: Introduction to Euclid” is one of 4 annual summer math seminars meant to provide a way for students using standard math curricula to add an annual classical or honors component to their high school math education. These workshops are also recommended for students taking Classical Mathematics during the year. The 4 summer segments are Geometry, Algebra, Advanced Geometry & Algebra, and Physics. Each segment will be offered annually after its debut.

Required materials

  • Euclid’s Elements (preferably the Green Lion Press edition)
  • Notebook (plain paper), pencil, compass

Online Class: 15 Seats available

Cost: $100

Arithmetic: Introduction to Nicomachus

9-12 Grade :: Online class :: Tutor – Daniel Maycock

This 6-week course is an exploration into a fascinating world of numbers. The Greek mathematician, Nicomachus, wrote a famous treatise on arithmetic, which has been forgotten by nearly everyone but historians of mathematics. In his treatise, we will discover a man passionate about numbers–a connoisseur, in fact. Along the way, we will explore properties of various number sets and ratios, and I’ll explain why one of my favorite numbers is 496.

Required text: Arithmetic – Nicomachus (Will be provided in PDF form, as the book is out of print and nearly impossible to find.)

Online Class: 15 Seats available

Cost: $100


Euclid for Parents

Adult :: Online Class :: Tutor – Daniel Maycock

This 6-week course covers the first book of Euclid’s Elements. During the course, we will explore the foundation of Euclid’s geometry while considering its relationship to contemporary high school mathematics. Special emphasis will be placed on teaching and study techniques, and each participant will receive a digital copy of our new Guidebook to Euclid’s Elements: Book 1 with the accompanying Answer Key.

Required materials

Online Class: 15 Seats available

Cost: $100



The Intellectual Life

Online class hosted by the Memoria Press Online Academy :: Tutor – Daniel Maycock ::

A.G. Sertillanges first wrote The Intellectual Life in 1920 as an aid for those called by God to be scholars. In this book, he presents the trials and joys of intellectual work along with the virtues and daily practices necessary to succeed. Sertillanges also reminds us what true success looks like: a life lived in willful obedience to God. Thus, The Intellectual Life deals not only with practical questions of how to organize ideas and time, but also tackles questions of sin, falsehood, and living a well-balanced life dedicated to discovering and sharing truth.