Euclidean Geometry


9-10th grade :: Live online class :: Tutor – Daniel Maycock

This live online course is being offered in partnership with Kepler and follows our Classical Mathematics ONE guidebook, which must be purchased separately. Please see the curriculum page for information concerning the scope of the course and required texts.


  • This course uses the Classical Mathematics ONE curriculum.
  • This 31-week online course meets once per week for 2 hours. 
  • Class time will be spent discussing and working out propositions. Students will be expected to work through propositions during the week and will take turns presenting the proofs to the class. Students should expect to spend an average of 1 – 1.5 hours per school day studying & working problems.
  • During the week, students will be responsible for keeping up with weekly assignments & practice problems.
  • Three essays will also be assigned.
  • Small class size

Students enrolling in this class should be strong readers and should have a strong foundation in pre-algebra.

Required Books & Materials


  • 08/19/2024 – 05/09/2025
  • Tuesdays 11am – 1pm (Eastern)

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