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6 Formas Malas para Enseñar las Matemáticas

Hay artículos innumerables que afirman que todo lo que sabemos acerca de la educación matemática es erróneo. Todo el mundo parece tener una teoría predilecta, y la más radical la solución, más la atención que recibe. Pero nuevas ideas radicales, emocionante como sean, frecuentemente provienen de posiciones reaccionarias, y reaccionarios se sobre-corrigen. Por eso, no […]

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6 Wrong Ways to Teach Math

There are countless articles claiming that everything we know about math education is wrong. Everyone seems to have a pet theory, and the more radical the solution, the more attention it gets. But radical new ideas, exciting as they are, frequently come from reactionary positions, and reactionaries over-correct. Thus, I don’t expect that my list […]

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The Love that Moves

(This article was originally written for The McGuffey Reader blog at It is an unsettling fact that motives are often invisible. In most cases, bad motives seem to accomplish the same results as good motives. Both fear and patriotism can make obedient citizens. Both pride and charity can make men philanthropists. Nevertheless, motives matter. […]

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